Changes In Outfits!


After talking to my cousin & his fiance about proper attire, the weather and seeing what some of my favorite bloggers from SF are wearing these days, I thought I would make a couple changes. I was going to bring sandals, but quickly scratched that off my mental list because I don't think it will be comfortable walking in them for hours. My Nikes are my coziest shoes, so I'm sticking to it!

Here are the changes:

  •  The weather over the weekend will be between mid 70's - 80's so wearing a thin, long sleeve might be a little bothersome for me. I replaced it with this lightweight flowy top. When it gets cold in the evening, I will have my leather jacket to keep me warm :) This tee is going to be apart of Outfit #3: here

  • As much as I love this maxi cardigan from UO, I think it may be a bit bulky. I decided to replace it with my new Brandy Melville cardigan which I will wear with Outfits #2 & #4: here and here
I've also decided to add in a pair of linen shorts to the mix. I don't know which outfit I will incorporate it with, I think I'm just going to wing it until I get there and actually feel the air.

Tomorrow, I will have a new video up on my channel about my carry-on luggage :)

Live Simply,



  1. Ooo, love the color of those linen shorts! I'm also a fan of wearing my Nikes for long walks. Thank goodness athletic shoes are trendy now, haha!


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