Traveling Light: Toiletries


I've been doing well with packing just the right amount when it comes to toiletries. In my first Traveling Light post, I talked about my DIY Skincare pots which is one of my favorite ideas ever! It definitely saves a lot of space in my quart-sized bag for TSA. 

  •  I learned about these GoToobs from LightbyCoco and I love them so much. 
  • At home, I use liquid body wash & a loofa, but for this trip (and possibly for future trips) I decided to purchase a travel sized soap bar. I'll use it throughout my trip and when I'm packing to go back home, I can just dispose of it. 

  •  I've been using this oatmeal cleanser for 5 years now and I swear by it! I only use it in the morning, so I made sure I brought enough for 3 days.
  • To learn more about my DIY skincare pots, refer back to my first Traveling Light post here: DIY skincare pots

  • Yup, I still wear retainers to bed! I had to get braces twice in high school because the first time, I totally rebelled against wearing retainers. My fault, and now I'm paranoid of getting crooked teeth again, lol.
All of the toiletries that contain liquid, cream, and paste will be stored in my clear quart sized container that I got from Target. That also includes makeup as well. 

So, I'll most likely have one more post about the bag/backpack that I will be using throughout my trip, probably the day before I leave. And! I will be posting up a video on Tuesday on my YouTube channel about how I pack my carry-on luggage. So stay tuned for that!

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