Traveling Light: Makeup


So, my makeup routine has changed quite a bit. Most of my products now are cruelty-free/vegan, some aren't. Eventually, it will all be cruelty-free once I've finished up those other products. Two things that I've omitted this summer are blush and eyeshadow.

This probably doesn't feel "light" to some people, but these are the products that I find essential to complete my minimal makeup look :) It's certainly less than what I had a year ago!

And there you have it! 

I bought a set of 3 Pack-It cubes from Eagle Creek and thankfully, the quarter cube fits all my makeup perfectly! I originally was going to bring my folding cosmetic case, but found it was a bit bulky. I use the other two bigger pack it cubes for my clothes and they're SO awesome!

Tomorrow, I will be sharing my outfits for the trip. 

Live Simply,



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