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So, don't laugh at me but I just discovered Google Docs a few months ago. I've had my Macbook Pro since 2010, and I still don't have a proper program to type up documents! Ever since I found out about Google Docs, I've realized that when it comes to writing down ideas, I would much rather have it digital because it's faster and more organized. My hand tends to cramp up when I write things down for too long, which then hinders me from actually writing all my thoughts down completely. When I have a lot of ideas flowing, typing it down is a huge plus for me because well, I type way faster than I write, lol.

I do like to write things on paper, but only if it's in my planner, my 'Happy Moments 2015' notebook and is pertinent to both my Instagram accounts (i.e. favorite quotes and titles)

My only problem is that, I have a habit of buying pretty notebooks but never fill them up till the very end. Bad habits, I tell ya. So, I Char, from this day forward, will not purchase another notebook for awhile. I'm only wasting paper, and that's not good. The great thing about having most things digital is that it can free up the clutter in your space, and I'm all for it! :)

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